Sunday, 25 November 2012

A weekend eating in London (part 5)

Phil Howard - The Square

Our final booking for Sunday evening was originally at another Gordan Ramsey establishment but after watching an episode of the Great British Menu, final banquet (for the 2012 Olympics) we were drawn to the chef Phil Howard who has a 2 Michelin star Restaurant in the heart of Mayfair called The Square. A quick Google search of his restaurant was met with a simultaneous 'Oh Yeah' we were agreed. A swift call the The Square secured us our last meal of the weekend.

There were only a couple of tables occupied when we arrived but as tables filled up so rose the level of chatter and the room filled with a nice vibe.
The square does offer a nine course tasting menu but after braving nine courses last night at Le Gavroche plus all the other meals over the weekend this would be suicidal!

Our A La Carte 3 course meal however turned out to be seven offerings!
This is the biggest thing we’ve learnt eating at high end restaurants, the kitchen sends you plates that are not on the menu. There’s Amuse Bouche’s, pre starter, pre desert and petit fours all added to your original 3 plates.

We started the evening with a couple of cocktails they were seriously good a Bramble for me and a Tom Collins for Rach. I would have been happy to drink them all night but we were here for the food first and foremost.

The food was also amazing even though this is a serious high end restaurant we really felt there was an element of fun in the food we ate here. The staff were also fantastic and we had a good laugh on a couple of occasions with a particular waitress.

Phil Howard at The Square

The Bramble

This is what we ate
Squid ink crackers with Taramasalata,Cone of frois gras and avocado cream,Garlic rice balls.

I often deal with these little chaps on my allotment, I've never eaten one and I'm afraid I wasn't going to start now !
Another Amuse Bouche , Parsley veloute & garlic butter snail

Garlic butter snail

However after knocking back her Tom Collins Rach decided to go for it. Too weary to pop the whole thing in she cut it in half ! BIG MISTAKE !!! I don't think we will ever forget that sight.
Garlic butter snail

The rest of the food I'm glad to say was fantastic as you can see from the pictures.

Scallop from Orkney cooked whole with coco beans, fresh almonds and lemon verbena

A salad of globe artichokes, fresh almonds, grilled cauliflower, cured white park beef with summer truffle & mimolett

Herb crusted saddle of lamb with olive gnocchi, dried tomato's, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Roasted cod with cauliflower puree, grilled potatoes, summer truffle pesto
Pre desert - compliments of the chef-Lemon posset, peach pure, cream foam with warm sugared doughnut

Raspberry souffle

Raspberry souffle with Raspberry ripple ice cream

Petit fours - A rainbow of jellied fruits and salted caramels

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