Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Miller and Carter, Aughton.

On Saturday we decided to take mum for a birthday lunch, we wanted somewhere close to where mum lived. The name Miller and Carter had come up on two separate occasions.

A quick Google search revealed this had formerly been the Swan Inn, Marco Pierre White's upmarket eatery. Now I reckon anyone taking on a celebrity chefs former restaurant has to be pretty confident in serving good food. The menu and prices for a set lunch seemed excellent value. Being only two miles from mums this seemed to be the perfect choice.

We were greeted warmly on arrival with staff holding the door open for mum, a good start.
The restaurant was empty on our arrival which I thought strange for Saturday afternoon. I usually like a lively atmosphere, nothing worse than eating in an empty restaurant ! but this turned out to be fine and was hardly noticeable as we had a giggle with the staff who were friendly and very efficient ...OK it wasn't busy but still....Oh and they were smart as hell (as in turned out )

The restaurant is a steak house but on offer at the moment is a festive set lunch with a choice of four of each starter, main and desert.

The Bull that greets you in the lobby

Miller and Carter describe themselves as having a stylish yet informal steak house, they have that spot on! The bull is the theme here with pictures of them everywhere, your even presented with a over sized steak knife the size of which suggested you had to kill your own bull for lunch !

                                           Interior of Miller and Carter , Aughton

We started with a couple of cocktails which were very good, a chocolate Martini for me a Strawberry Daiquiri for Rach and a mocktail for mum (not a drinker) so she didn't feel left out. Cocktails where very good.

This is what we ate.

This dish was the choice of my seventy five year old mother and I loved her for it !! she could have played safe, gone for the soup? the pate even? but no she said "I've never tried chorizo I'll have that". Seventy five years old and experimental!

On her best behaviour and struggling to eat the skewers with her knife and fork, she was thrilled when I suggested she should pick them up with her fingers. She went all Henry VIII
I thought she might flick the empty skewers over her shoulder and shout bring me the Bull !!

28 day aged 8oz rump, with fries and onion loaf

Sea bass fillets with spicy red pepper & watercress dressing, herb crushed potatoes, green beans.

This fish dish was mums, she had originally opted for the risotto with goats cheese fritters when I read the menu to her. Being a war child and knowing my mother she heard the word fritter and I just knew she dreamed of spam inside. I had to disappoint her by telling her they where goats cheese fritters, after a slight two second quizzical look she said "fish love I'll have the fish". Now this was another surprise as it was sea bass and not war child cod or haddock!
Seventy five and having all her own teeth I thought she would opt for the steak or chicken, but no she was experimenting again, and a clean plate ensured she loved it.

But with desert there were no surprises at all. First on the list was a pudding made from suet .. Yes the war child picked what she knew and loved and why not, a good old pud that sticks to your ribs..

Baked suet sponge, Christmas spiced fruit, toffee sauce & custard

Creme Brulee

A couple of coffees finished the meal. Two and a half hours later we left knowing we will be returning in the summer. As on the way in mum loved the outside area and suggested we all (the whole family) come in the summer for a meal on her! now this was before we even stepped foot in the place so it was a good job the food was up to scratch.
So a happy Threesome will become an Elevensome in the summer and the war child's paying RESULT ! :0)

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