Monday, 5 August 2013

Bone Daddies Ramen Bar. Soho London

On our recent trip to London we had decided to make dining a more casual affair. We had read rave reviews about Bone daddies and with it's no reservation required policy this fitted the bill perfectly.

This was my very first ramen experience. I had read the queues can be quite long at lunch time so waited till 15 minutes after opening time to pounce.

We opted for a seat in the window just me and my partner facing the world outside as the tables are bench like and your likely to be forced to share it with strangers, which ain't a bad thing in general but the very idea of slurping noodles in front of strangers is a bit daunting.

Within minutes of us being seated the place started to fill up the music and Atmosphere cranked up a notch it was buzzing.

Inside Bone daddies

In front of us was an array of condiments garlic and crusher, hot chilli oil, soy sauce, sesame seed grinder and eating implements chop sticks, bibs (very necessary) for first timers and hair bands for those with long hair to tie back a brilliant touch, not that I needed it.

Choice of ramen was great, we both opted for the Tonkotsu the idea of a broth made from pork bones for 20 hours was too much to pass. We also ordered an extra portion of Cock scratchings ( deep fried chicken skin ) to you and me.

Whilst waiting for our ramen we supped on Asahi's and soaked up the atmosphere. Once the ramen arrived we donned our bibs and got stuck in.

Tonkotsu ramen - With spring onion, chashu pork, 20 hour bone broth, soft boiled egg, crispy garlic, spring onions and extra cock scratchings.

I was a bit disappointed with the broth at first it seemed to lack the flavour I imagined but after everything started to mix together it became more tasty with every mouth full.
I always struggle with noodle or rice dishes as they seem to fill me up very quickly and it happened again, when I had finished it looked like I had hardly ate anything but I was truly stuffed. I was gutted I couldn't even fit in The green tea or black sesame ice cream everyone raved about and said so to our waitress. when she told us it wasn't on the menu that day I breathed a sigh of relief I hadn't missed out because of my own doing.

Feeling sorry for us she brought over this ice cream covered in sweet sesame seeds on the house ! so bravely we tucked in and I have to say it was the most delicious ice cream I have ever had.

Evidence of the polished of ice cream.

Bone Daddies was great fun, we loved it. good tasty food, great upbeat staff and the music was fab, I could have stayed all day.

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  1. OOhhh looks good! I love noodles, will have to try this place out next time I'm in London! Plus, the bibs look OH SO trendy! :0)

  2. Highly recommended it Alex, bibs were put on for a bit of fun. But two mins into eating we realised they were very necessary ;0)