Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lucha Libre, Liverpool

Strange as it may seem, it was eggs that brought me here. After seeing an image of a dish called Chilaquiles, a dish of tortilla chips, salsa, and cheese, reminiscent with nachos and cheese which we all love No?  but this dish was topped with two fried eggs. 

I realised how much I love eggs, a staple of the food world but equally synonymous with finer dishes like steak tata, eggs Florentine and souffle. 
My thoughts turned to breakfast dishes like mashed avocado on toast topped with fried egg and a dash of Tabasco, gloriously unctuous. Huevos rancheros, and my fave eggs Benedict and who doesn't love dipping hot buttered soldiers into dippy eggs? 
Then on to lunch, frittata, omelets of all descriptions, egg and chips, egg mayo sandwiches, and a picnic ain't a picnic without scotch eggs.

Classics like corned beef hash has to be topped with gooey fried eggs, same with special fried rice, bubble and squeak. I'll even chuck one on top of beans on toast. 

I could go on but lets get to Lucha Libre .......
My partner had sent me a text during the day suggesting we eat out that night and for me to choose where? I suggested Lucha Libre, I  just had to try that dish after all I was now in the mood for eggs! 

With a no reservation policy we went handy and arrived at 7pm. The restaurant was already busy with most of the tables taken. Once seated we were quickly given the menu and drinks orders where taken whilst we decided what to eat.

We drank tequila cocktails with pomegranate syrup, lemon juice, Moledo Negra beer and the obligatory Vanilla salted rim.

My drink pictured above was a Mezcal cocktail, a very smokey Del Maguey Vida, watermelon, hibiscus, lime & pacifico with an orange salt rim. 

Below Chilaquiles the dish that brought me here ! 

Chilaquiles , tortilla chips smothered in a mild salsa roja, molten cheese served with fresh coriander, jalapenos, & fried eggs.  

I'm glad to say I loved this dish it was every bit as nice as I had imagined. Fresh and crisp, the crispness coming not only from the tortilla chips but also the pickled red onions and slithers of radish, it was not over cheesed and all stuck together like you sometimes find with dishes of this kind. The eggs were the star attraction, rightfully on top like a crown. Piercing those golden yolks added that unctuous gooeyness it was divine! 

This Quesadilla was the surprise favourite. My partner not liking pineapples didn't expect to like this at all but it was a clear favourite with us both!  And now a convert to pineapples ( well hot ones anyway) 
This quesadilla called the "Gringa" was filled with marinated belly pork & grilled pineapple. A great combination of savoury and sweet wrapped in a hot flour tortilla.

Pil Bil slow cooked pork marinated in orange juice & achiote, served with pickled red onions.
Again beautifully marinaded pork but I can't say any more about this dish as by now we were both stuffed and after one bite we were beaten ! 

Sides were re fried beans and red rice, again they were hardly touched due to the extremely full bellies.

We had a great time at Lucha Libre, great food , fun environment and knowledgeable staff. Would highly recommend .  

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